Blogmas Day 19 – Random Stuffs

Blogmas Day 19 – Random Stuffs

Random StuffsLet’s talk about random stuff.

First off thank you all for understanding the break. I went to Walt Disney World for a week with my family and I just couldn’t post without my laptop and other things. I will be posting about the vacation soon. So keep a lookout. Anyway’s let’s talk about random stuff.

1. Thank You For 35 Followers!

pusheen gif.gif

Just a few weeks ago. I had 20 followers and was feeling like I would never grow. Then I said to myself. Get up and post more and you’ll get the followers and it happened. I thank all of you for helping me. You guys are the best followers on the face of the planet and I couldn’t have kept blogging without your motivational comments and all around encouragement.




Megan over at A Barefoot Gal is hosting Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest once again and this is my first year participating and I’m so excited. Here’s my pic for challenge #3!


The theme was tradition and one of my favorite traditions is reading a book with a cup of hot cocoa on the days leading up to Christmas! 😀

3. Clara’s Blogiversary

I wanted to give attention to an amazing blog out there. Clara and Co. is a great blog that features tons of awesome things. Clara is such a sweet blogger and she just celebrated her 4th blogiversary which is HUGE! Everyone go over to her blog and wish her a very merry blogiversary and while you’re over there be sure to give her a follow and support her totally rad blog.

4 yr blogiverary


That was all for today!! I hope you enjoyed!

Are you participating in BIBPC?

What’s your fav Christmas cookie?

-Rose ❤