My Journey in Theatre + Tips

My Journey in Theatre + Tips

Hello everyone!! Today I’m going to be talking about my theatre experiences, what my favorite parts of theatre are, and some fun tips to help you if your in theatre. Also thank you all for your supportive get well comments they made my day! 😉

*Before we get started I just want to define that a co-op is like a school for homeschoolers we go once a week and take classes on top of our classes at home

– How Did I Get Into Theatre?

I’ve always loved theatre growing up. My friends and I would always put on little skits and plays for our younger siblings. Once I got older I really wanted to start doing actually shows and performances. My first show I was in was in 4th grade and it was a play called Captain Dangerous. It was kinda’ve a confusing show because the show was about a group of performers putting on a show. It was like a show within a show. I was cast as Helga an annoying reporter who kept trying to get information about the show and just being generally obnoxious. It was a really good first role because it helped be become comfortable on stage.

– What Happened After Captain Dangerous?

After Captain Dangerous. I ended up moving and was no longer in the same co-op. I joined a new one and in 6th grade. I was cast in the Prince and the Pauper. It was a really big production and I ended up not getting the role I wanted which was super sad but I still had a speaking part. I was a peasant who had to beg in front of the Prince’s royal advisor/uncle. One of the things I will say is working with your best friends on a show is so hard and fun because all you do is constantly make fun of each other. 😛 Moving on in 2016… I think I did Snow White and the Seven Dwarves . I was Happy which was such a fun role to play and I loved getting to do it. My fellow dwarves were such nice people and we all had a super fun time together.

– What About Now

Currently I’m working on the Lion King Jr with my current co-op and this time I have the biggest role. I’ve ever done which is Scar. scar.gif

I love Scar so much. He’s so sarcastic and probably one of the best Disney villains in my opinion. I’m super excited for this show because I get to help with hair and makeup. Also I get to help a lot of the younger kids who have never done theatre before and teach them which is amazing! I don’t get to do theatre as much as I would like on-top of everything else on my schedule which makes this semester really fun and special for me.

Now onto my tips for starting in theatre!!

  • Don’t be nervous. The first time you get on that stage you’ll probably be nervous but try to just suppress it. In theatre you need to have confidence that’s the key to getting good.
  • F-A-C-I-A-L E-X-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N-S: I cannot stress enough how much having facial expressions and emotions in your face will help you. If possible before an audition look over the script and whatever part your trying for. Embody the characters emotions. If you don’t use the facial expressions you won’t stand out from any of the other people.
  • Find a group that fits your level. If you’ve never been in a play before jumping right into community theatre probably isn’t the best idea. Maybe try school play or a 1 act play.
  • Last but not least! Have fun. Theatre is supposed to be fun if you don’t like it or are SO terrified of being on a stage. It’s okay theatre is not for everyone and remember theatre isn’t about the actors. There’s also sound, lights, makeup, costume, and set design.

I hope you enjoyed learning all about theatre. I know this post was different from most of my other posts.

Goodbye loves,

Rose ❤