How to Be Consistent with New Years Goals and Resolutions

How to Be Consistent with New Years Goals and Resolutions


How to Be Consistent with New Years Goals (1).pngHello everyone!! We’ve all heard it the new years resolutions and how no one actually sticks with them the entire year. Well I have formulated the perfect plan to help you stick with those New Years Goals the WHOLE year through. It will be hard but I have faith in you my friends that you will be able to persevere through the year and achieve all of those amazing goals.

Step 1 – The Goal

Picture the goal you have is it to workout, eat healthy, blog more, ect. Now whatever that goal is make it super specific. Say my goal was to eat healthy narrow it down and say I want to eat one healthy meal and one healthy snack a day.

Eat Healthy —> Eat 1 healthy snack and 1 healthy meal a day

Workout —> Work out twice a week

Read more —> I want to read 1 book a week or 1 book every two weeks

See how much more attainable the goal seems now that it’s smaller and as the year goes on if you are sticking with it you can try and do more than your goal. Maybe try and work out three times a week or eat two healthy meals a day.

Step 2 – Get a Friend

This step is optional but it really helps. Ask one of your friends if they will help you stick with your goal whatever it may be. I want to read my Bible more this year as one of my goals so I enlisted in the help of my group of best friends and we are all keeping each other accountable. Everyday we text each other “did you do the reading?” or “how did you like the reading today?”. It really helps knowing someone is counting on you to do the goal.


Step 3 – Write it Down

Keep the goal posted somewhere you will see it all the time. You can put a post it note on the bathroom mirror, keep it on your door, in your planner, on your laptop. What really helps too is if you use it as your phone wallpaper. Just make sure it’s somewhere you will see it a lot.

Step 4 – Get Encouraged

bob ross.gif
Bob Ross is seriously like my role model. 

Now there is NO way, you will be able to complete this resolution without encouragement. I recommend reading some encouraging books. I’ve recently started reading some and they really inspire me to go for the big dreams. Also download apps there are certain apps that will send you little helpful messages throughout the day and they will totally give you that burst of encouragement when you need it. My last tip for encouraging would be believing in yourself. You are a beautiful amazing person who can do anything all you have to do is believe and trust in yourself and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.

Okay folks that’s all for today. I hope this helped you become more encouraged and ready to tackle 2019. Before you go I wanted to propose an idea to you guys. I’ve been thinking about transitioning over to a lifestyle blog which is what I’ve been super passionate about lately. I would love to be able to do more lifestyle posts and of course still keep some of the book reviews and other things.

What do you guys think? Comment below because I really need your help with this. 

That’s all for now.

Bye lovelies,

Rose ❤