Blogmas Day 19 – Random Stuffs

Blogmas Day 19 – Random Stuffs

Random StuffsLet’s talk about random stuff.

First off thank you all for understanding the break. I went to Walt Disney World for a week with my family and I just couldn’t post without my laptop and other things. I will be posting about the vacation soon. So keep a lookout. Anyway’s let’s talk about random stuff.

1. Thank You For 35 Followers!

pusheen gif.gif

Just a few weeks ago. I had 20 followers and was feeling like I would never grow. Then I said to myself. Get up and post more and you’ll get the followers and it happened. I thank all of you for helping me. You guys are the best followers on the face of the planet and I couldn’t have kept blogging without your motivational comments and all around encouragement.




Megan over at A Barefoot Gal is hosting Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest once again and this is my first year participating and I’m so excited. Here’s my pic for challenge #3!


The theme was tradition and one of my favorite traditions is reading a book with a cup of hot cocoa on the days leading up to Christmas! 😀

3. Clara’s Blogiversary

I wanted to give attention to an amazing blog out there. Clara and Co. is a great blog that features tons of awesome things. Clara is such a sweet blogger and she just celebrated her 4th blogiversary which is HUGE! Everyone go over to her blog and wish her a very merry blogiversary and while you’re over there be sure to give her a follow and support her totally rad blog.

4 yr blogiverary


That was all for today!! I hope you enjoyed!

Are you participating in BIBPC?

What’s your fav Christmas cookie?

-Rose ❤



Blogmas Day 6 – The Christmas Tag

Blogmas Day 6 – The Christmas Tag

It seems that I forgot Day 5

Oops! Sorry guys somehow yesterday Blogmas totally slipped my mind and I forgot up until about 11:45 last night so sorry! 😉 Anyway today I’ve created a Christmas tag! I’m so excited to share it with you guys!

The Christmas Tag

The Rules 

  1. You must thank the person who nominated you
  2. Link back to the original post (the one on this blog) and use the graphic provided.
  3. Answer the questions given
  4. Nominate at least 3 people. (or more if your feeling like a nice person 😉 )
  5. Give the nominees 10 questions to answer (or use the ones previously given)
  6. HAVE FUN! 😀

The Questions (aka. a bunch of Christmas questions I found on the internet)

What is your favorite Christmas dessert?

Not pie. 😂 Really though I don’t like pie. My favorite dessert is definitely Christmas cookies and gingerbread!

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Yes, my family generally opens 2 presents on Christmas eve. One with new Christmas pajamas and another with a board game to play on Christmas Eve.

How do you decorate your house for Christmas?

We decorate the outside with lights and the trees in our front yard. Inside we have garland on the banister, Christmas tree, and other scattered decorations around the house. I also decorate my room which I’ll be showing you in a later post. 😉

christmas vacation gifs.gif

Have you ever built a snowman?

I love building snowmen. I used to live in Illinois so it snowed a lot and every year. I would make a snowman and then my brother would proceed to “murder” my snowman but kicking it. *gotta love them little brothers.. 😂 Now that I live in the South there isn’t much snow so no more snowmen. 😦

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Ours is fake. A few years back we tried a real tree and it was no.. just no. I have super bad allergies so the Christmas tree kinda tried to kill me and then my dad couldn’t get the tree to stand so occasionally it would almost fall over.


What do you like to do on Christmas break?

I love to hang out with my best friend who lives next door since we don’t get to see each other much do to school. Last year everything iced over which was fun so we went ice skating on the lake and sledded which I hope happens again this year.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Elf. Don’t tell me it’s overrated or whatever. That is my favorite Christmas movie and no one can change that. My second would be Christmas vacation which is SO funny. I watch it ever Christmas Eve with my parents.


Where do you normally spend Christmas?
I normally spend it at home with my family in the morning and then in the afternoon we go to my grandparents house and do Christmas.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

I don’t really have a favorite. I like Joy to the World.

Be honest: Do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts? 

I LOVE giving gifts. I like finding the perfect gift for my friends and wrapping it up and giving it to them. It’s my favorite part of Christmas aside from Jesus which is what the whole holiday is about.

Those are all of the questions! Now I tag all of my wonderful followers go and do some Christmas tagging! 😉

19 more days,





Blogmas: Day 2 – My Favorite Christmas Songs

Blogmas: Day 2 – My Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas music is the bomb.

I love music but especially when Christmas comes around because of all the lovely songs we get to listen too. I know a lot of people are always complaining that it’s the same songs over and over; but I mean you can never really get tired of Christmas songs. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys my Christmas playlist to help inspire you to start your own or maybe add some new songs.

1. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Pentatonix 

2. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Pentatonix

3. Grown-Up Christmas List – Kelly Clarkson

4. Here Comes Santa Claus – Pentatonix

5. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Michael Bublé

I love Michael Buble guys… he’s so amazing. ❤

6. White Christmas – Micheal Bublé

7. Holly Jolly Christmas – Micheal Bublé

8. I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Micheal Bublé

9. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Micheal Bublé

10. Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson

11. Every Christmas – Kelly Clarkson

12. My Favorite Things – Kelly Clarkson

13. Christmastime Again – MercyMe

14. Hold On Christmas – MercyMe

This is one of my absolute favorite songs!!

15. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

These are just a few of my very favorite Christmas songs.

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

Can you listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving or is it just plain wrong?

Have a spectacular day loves,

Rose ❤


25 Days of Blogmas

25 Days of Blogmas


10 Things Every Girl Wants for Christmas (1)Hello everyone! Hope your having a splendid week! I have a huge announcement to make; this year I’m going to be doing 25 Days of Blogmas which means I’ll be posting everyday till Christmas! I may keep it going the whole month of December who knows! 😉  I’m opening it up to all of my lovely followers and viewers  who would like to participate with me in this super fun and challenging blogging adventure.


  • You must have a blog.
  • Please try to make the effort to post everyday.
  • I would really like if you used my graphics and linked that I created this fun little competition.
  • You must be following the bright bookcase

*I will be posting the graphics for the challenge on the first day.

See not that hard right?

Anyways who’s ready to sign up!

—-> SIGN UP HERE <—-

I’m so excited to be doing this with all of you and I really hope you join me on this fun Christmas adventure.

Happy Holidays loves,

Rose ❤